4(33) 2012

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Pavlenko O.


SE «Ukrainian scientific and Research Institute of industrial medicine», Kryvyi Rih

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Health provision of the working population the most important function of the State, being the basis of the social policy, which is implemented in practice through creation of safe working conditions and healthy conditions of everyday life. The main direction in development of the ferrous metallurgy is to radically improve the quality and expand the range of products on the basis of technical re-equipment of this branch. But till now, there is observed a steady deterioration of the main equipment. Under the prolonged action of production factors the level and structure of the selected nosological types of diseases among employees are changing. The problem of improvement of working conditions in the ferrous metallurgy is rather complicated, and it requires further comprehensive study by occupational physician in collaboration with specialists in labor protection, technological and those of project organizations.

Key words: metallurgy, harmful work conditions, morbidity, prevention


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