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3(36) 2013

Yavorovsky A. P. Shevtsova V. M., Sova S. G.


O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Purpose. To raise the efficiency of prevention of the effect of harmful factors for assemblers, riveters and fitters at aircraft enterprises, basing on the in-depth studying psycho-physiological peculiarities of workers at their workplaces, with due account of their professions, and subsequent complex application of the results for the system of prophylactic measures.

Methods. Thematic studies have been conducted at the aircraft construction enterprise — the State enterprise «Antonov» and at the aircraft repair enterprise — the State enterprise «Zavod-410» of the civil aviation". The study of indices of physical and neuro-emotional tension at workplaces of riveters, assemblers and fitters were conducted according to requirements of the acting normative-methodical documentation of Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the assessment of the burden and strain of work, in accordance with the criteria of GN 3.3.5-3.3.8; 6.6.1-083-2001 "Hygienic classification of work, according to indices of harmfulness and danger of factors of the work environment, burden and intensity of the work process".

Results. It is established that the burden of the work process for the mentioned professions by the sum of indices (physical static burden, staying in uncomfortable or forced work posture) and work strain by indices of the highest degree (duration of the concentrated observation; risk for life because of the work at a height) can be referred to Class 3.2 (hard, strain work of the 2nd degree).

Conclusion. Burden and strain of the work process are one of the leading harmful production factors at workplaces of riveters, assemblers and fitters at aircraft enterprises.

Recommendations. In order to improve work conditions and to preserve the health of riveters, assemblers and fitters of aircraft enterprises it is proposed to update the technology and to reform organization of work in assembling-riveting works.

Keywords: burden and strain work, riveters, assemblers, fitters, leading harmful factors, prophylaxis


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