Moshkovskiy V. E.


State Institution "Institute for Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Introduction. The electricity industry plays a very important role in Ukraine. It is produced by thermal power plants (TPP), hydraulic (HPS and HPSS), Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), by wind and solar radiation. The most common thermal power plants in Ukraine were built in the USSR times. They work on coal and natural gas. At TPP there are employed thousands of workers who are exposed to a combination of harmful work-related factors.

Purpose of the study – to conduct an all-round hygienic assessment of work-related factors in conditions of the actual obtaining of electricity and heat at TPP.

Materials and methods. Hygienic methods with the use of the modern equipment (Testo, Octava).

Results. The work conditions in Boiler and Turbine workshops at TPP are differed due to the use of the type of the fuel (coal, natural gas), capacity of the steam turbine, mode of operation and the part in the electricity system of settlements. The analysis of the results of the hygienic studies shows that unfavorable climate, broadband noise, polydisperse aerosol of the complex chemical composition are among harmful factors of the work environment at TPP.

Conclusion. The current state of work conditions in Boiler and Turbine workshops at TPP is characterized by a combination of unfavorable work-related factors, which can results in decreasing the work capacity, health disorders, increasing the risk of the general and occupational morbidity.

Key words: thermal power plants, work conditions, work environment


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