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Zaitsev D. V.1, Kalnish V. V.1, Pyshnov G. Yu.2


1State institution "Institute for Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", Kyiv

2Shupick National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Introduction. People with posttraumatic stress disorder may require long-term comprehensive rehabilitation.

The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of volumetric pneumopressing as a restorative means for autonomic nervous system.

Materials and methods. We studied 39 combatants aged 19–60. 15 students of the Military Medical Academy, aged (24,3 ± 2,1) were engaged to the control group. The volumetric pneumopressing device was "Bio-1" (Ukraine). Compression was applied on the head and back and pressure wave moved from the forehead to the coccyx. The heart rate variability was registered before, during and after the volumetric pneumopressing.

Results. Systolic blood pressure significantly reduced in all groups after the procedure. Most of heart rate variability indicators in all groups changed similarly. Combatants’ heart rate variability indicators approached to the control group level. After the volumetric pneumopressing procedure parasympathetic influence increased and regulation of heart rate become more autonomous (significantly in combatants). Total regulatory activity increased (significantly in combatants), primarily due to neurohumoral component (significantly in all groups). The vasomotor center activity also increased due to compensation of forced circulation.

Conclusion. The applied volumetric pneumopressing procedure reduces cardiac load, enhances the activity of regulatory systems and reduce their tensity. Combatants tend to normal blood pressure and heart rate variability parameters.

Key words: ATO participants, posttraumatic stress disorder, volumetric pneumopressing, heart rate variability, functional status


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