Chernuyk V. I.1, Abragamovych O. O.2, Mazur V. V.2, Semeryak O. M.1


1State Institution "Institute for Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", Kyiv

2National University named after D. Galytsky, Lviv

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Introduction. Vibration disease is a wide spread occupational disease in coal branch of mining industry of Ukraine; it takes the third place in the structure of the revealed occupational morbidity. The improvement of methods for earlier diagnostics of vibration disease (VD) is an actual problem, by solving of which it is possible to prevent development of severe types of this disease and invalidization of the suffered.

Purpose of the study – scientific grounding of proposals on improvement of methods for earlier diagnostics of VD, basing on advanced studies of lesions in the peripheral nervous system in miners, exposed to occupational vibration.

Materils and methods. The studied group included 118 miners with professions "a miner of the mining face" and "a sinker", having vibration disease of different degree of manifestations of clinical symptoms. A control group made 40 practically healthy miners of the same professions. The both groups have been examined, using a method of electroneuromyography (ENMG). Results. There have been found significant disorders in the sensory and motor constituent of ENMG in segments "elbow– wrist" in patients with the disease, pointing to deep lesions in peripheral nerves. The degree of expressiveness in changes corresponded to the degree of severity of the disease. ENMG­criteria have been proposed, making it possible to reveal preclinical types of vibration disease and vegeto­sensory arms polyneuropathy in coal miners.

Conclusion. The criteria have been proposed for earlier diagnostics of the harmful effect of vibration, which show the degree of retardation in conducting nervous impulses by n. radioabis and n. ulnaris of their amplitude (over 30 %) as well as the decrease in their amplitude (over 20 %).

Key words: miners, neuromyography, vibration disease, earlier diagnostics, electroneuromyography


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