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4(37) 2013

Raikhman J. G.


Center for Cancer Prevention, Ashdod, Israel

Full article (PDF), ENG

Lack of consistency of cancer epidemiology methods with human life conditions often lead to wrong conclusions concerning cancer causes and to ineffective cancer preventing measures. In the article, the new methodological approach in suggested to study cancer causes based on author's concept of the carcinogenic situation as a continuously developing multilevel system. The methodology for the system research of the carcinogenic situation created a new possibility for detecting existing specifics in cancer morbidity under multifactor combination of environmental conditions and human life style. A study of the carcinogenic situation is conducted on the basis of static and dynamic models. Dynamic models are the basis for cancer morbidity forecast. The new methodology for the system research and carcinogenic situation management brings in new perspectives in cancer prevention problem solution measures.

Keywords: cancer epidemiology, carcinogenic situation, methodology for system research


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