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Gorovenko N.G.2, Zhurakhivska IM.V.1-2, Basanets A.V.1, Podolska S.V.2


1Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine, Kiev

2National Medical Academy for Post-Graduate Education named after P.L Shupyk of MH of Ukraine, Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis (CWP) is one of the most widespread multifactorial diseases in occupational pathology. It requires new approaches to prophylaxis and studying the mechanisms of pathogenesis. Determination of inherited predispo-sition biomarkers to CWP can allow to define a risk group among workers and to provide them with the necessary medical care. One of possible biomarkers of inherited predisposition to CWP development is a gene tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF- a-308*G/A) polymorphism.TNF-a alleles polymorphism was studied in 138 healthy subjects (control group) and 112 CWP patients with minimum 10 years of underground work experience. The presence of alleles was analyzed by PCR method and restriction fragment-length polymorphism (RFLP).The frequency of TNF-a-308*A allele in the control group was 8 %, and in the group of CWP patients — 11,6 %. The value of OR=l,5 (Cl: 0,8—2,76) specified the increase of risk of CWP development for carriers of the allele A. The frequency of G allele in healthy miners was not “significantly different from patients with CWP. The significant differences of frequencies in TNF-a genotypes in the controls and in the CWP patients groups were obtained only for TNF-a-308*G/A (OR =1,4, Cl: 0,8-2,7).The results indicate that the presence of the TNF-a-308*A allele and the TNF-a-308*G/A genotype can be a risk factor for development of CWP in Ukrainian coal miners.

Key words: biomarker, cool worker pneumoconiosis, timor necrosis factor


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