Stavnichenko P. V.1, Antonenko A. M.1, Bardov V. G.1, Protsenko V. M.2


1Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv
2Shupick National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv

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Introduction. Viticulture in Ukraine, as a branch of agriculture, is of great economic significance. This is due to valuable nutritional and therapeutic properties of fresh grapes and products of it (raisins, wine, oil, vinegar, feed, etc.), possibilities to use any type of soils and reclamation in development of slope, rocky and sandy lands not suitable for other crops and due to, high economic efficiency. However many vineyards are affected by various infectious diseases, which kill annually significant part of the crop. One of main principles in protection of vineyards is implementation of a rational rotation of pesticides, including antiresistant system of protection from pathogens. In this it is not recommended to use one and the same preparation or preparations of one group for a long time. That is why development, hygienic assessment and implementation of new highly effective fungicides into practice is rather actual for today.

The purpose of the study was analyze and to make a hygienic assessment of changes in the assortment and ranges of application of fungicides in agriculture in Ukraine over the past 5 years (2010–2014).

Materials and methods. There have been used lists of pesticides and agrochemicals, permitted for use in Ukraine in 2010, 2012, 2014 as the information sources, the data of the Institute of Agriculture and Agricultural Policy of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS), the Order of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and UAAS "On Approval of the program "Plant protection for 2008–2015". In order to analyze the changes in the assortment and in ranges of fungicide application a mean absolute growth, rates of growth and output increase have been calculated. The following methods were used to solve the tasks: bibliographic method of analysis and synthesis of the scientific information, a method of calculation.

Results. It was found that in the studied period the assortment and ranges of application of crop protection chemicals increased significantly: for the period of 2010–2014 the growth of ranges of application of all chemicals for plant protection made 1,5 %, fungicides – 4,5 %; the rate of growth of the fungicide assortment was 86 % , due to the addiction of pathogens to preparations being formerly intensively used. It is shown that grapes takes the third place among such main crops as vegetables and grains by the number of the applied fungicides, allowed for application.

Conclusion. The established regularities on increasing ranges of fungicide application for vineyards protection and developing their assortment as well as progressive increase of lands for grapes cultivation point to prospects and actuality of studies on toxicological and hygienic assessment of fungicides to be used for plant protection.

Key words: assortment, ranges of application, pesticides, fungicides,vineyards


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