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Soloviov A. I.1, Nazarenko V. I.1, Timoshina D. P.2, Zhantalay R. V.3


1State Institution «Institute for Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv

2Hygienic Regulation Committee of Ukraine, Kiev

3SE «Tetra Pak Ukraine», Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Introduction. According to the results of examination of workplaces on the state of working conditions at DP «Tetra Pak Ukraine» it is established that in conditions of modern high-tech automated production of packaging materials, production noise is a major harmful factor. Therefore, it was actual for the company to obtain up-to-date evidence on modern measures of noise control.

The purpose of the study. To improve a method of assessing industrial noise by using noise maps.

Materials and methods. It was conducted instrumental measurements of sound levels and sound pressure in octave bands with geometric mean frequencies of 31,5 –8000,0 Hz with a sound level meter «Oktava 101A» in 46 control points (460 measurements in total). For the purpose of cartographic estimation of production noise loads instrumental measurements of sound levels were made in nodes of the grid (104 measurements in total). The main method, used for developing a noise map in this study, is a geostatistical «Gridding Method».

Results. It is found that the most hazardous noisy work conditions are departments for printing and laminating in the working areas of an operator, engaged in maintenance of printers VTV-VTV and 155–175, and an operator, servicing a laminating machine of the type ER-WE-PA. An analysis of spectral characteristics of noise at workplaces of operators in the shop of the main production was taken as the basis for selecting the most effective means of personal protection of workers from noise. An original algorithm of the method for assessing a noise load and a procedure, for making noise maps, has been proposed. In this, the accuracy of determination of noise load zones in developing noise maps of industrial premises, significantly increases.

Conclusions. The results allow to substantiate adequate and effective preventive measures on protection from harmful effects of industrial noise both at main work places and in auxiliary works in production of packaging materials. In order to define occupational hazards and preventive measures for individuals, working in noisy workshops, it is recommended, along with existing national regulations, to use methodological approaches, in accordance with EU Directives (2003/10, 86/188).

Key words: hygienic assessment, noise load, workplace, noise map, production of packaging, prevention


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