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Ponomarenko A.N.1, Perederiy G.S.2, Mukhin V.V.2


1Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, Kyiv

2Research Institute for Medico-Ecological Problems of Donbass and Coal Industry, Donetsk

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A concept, basic principles and provisions of hygienic examination of working conditions realization have been analyzed. The expe-diency of transition from the concept «absolute safety» to the concept of «acceptable risk» has been proved. Conceptual changes of the methodological basis for hygienic examination of working conditions and ways of their regulation have been determined. They provide for improvement of «Hygienic classification of labour by indices of harmfulness and danger from industrial factors, heavi¬ness and intensity of the labour process», changing the model of medical and sanitary care of individuals working in harmful con¬ditions, development of corresponding legal, standard, methodological, information and telecommunication provision.

Key words: working conditions, professional route, social hygienic monitoring, coal workers, coal mines


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