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Kundiev Y.I., Nahorna A.M., Dobrovolsky L.O.


SI «Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Problems of industrial injuries in Ukraine and some west countries during period 1990—2007 are elucidated in the paper. Comparison of common and lethal industrial injuries in absolute and 100 000 workers are conducted. Notice on incomplete registration of common industrial injuries in Ukraine and insufficient analysis of causes of industrial injuries, that don’t afford opportunity evaluate of lethal industrial injuries risk and to develop of preventive measures. In connection with 90 years of Industrial Labour Organization many attention is given this oldest intergovernmental organization of UN system in decreasing of industrial injuries cases in the world.

Key words: industrial injuries, statistics, Ukraine, West countries, comparative analysis,Industrial Labour Organization, conventions and recommendations, prevention of industrial injuries


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