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Kundiiev Yu.I.


The paper presents the data on the development of scientific studies of the Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine

Full article (PDF), UKR

In particular, the results of studies are given on the problem of occupational cancer in Ukraine, search for biomarkers of genetic predis¬position and resistance to pneumoconiosis, new regularities of heavy metal cumulation, etc. The state of training of the scientific per¬sonnel in the Institute over the last 15 years has been analyzed. The critical assessment of the activity of the Clinic of Occupational Diseases and its material and technical base is laid down. The main conclusion is made that the Institute, owing to the obtained expe¬rience, high creative potential, large international contacts has managed to adapt to new social and economic conditions.

Key words: biomarkers, occupational cancer, cumulation of heavy metals, training of the personnel, material and technical base


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