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4(24) 2010

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Basanets А.V., Оstapenko Т.А.


SI «Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Analysis of lung function in 80 workers of asbestos-cement production was conducted with using of bodyplethysmography and diffusion capacity of alveolar-capillar membranes. Both obstructive and restrictive changes of lung function were diagno- sised in examined people. It was revealed that length of the service more than 15 years is the important predictor of respira-tory insufficience development and progressing. Tobacco smoking reinforces the negative influence of chrysotile asbestos dust to respiratory system of asbestos-cement workers.

Key words: asbestos-cement production, respiratory system, bodyplethysmography, diffusion capacity of alveolar-capillar membrane


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