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Glyva V. A.1, Nazarenko V. I.2, Nykyforuk O. I.2, Palychuk S. P.2, Kovalenko V. V.1, Mischenko I. A.3


1National Aviation University of MES of Ukraine, Kyiv
2SI «Institute for Occupational Health of NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv
3M. Gorky National Medical University, Donetsk

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The purpose of investigations was to determine common requirements to methodical provision of experimental studies on biological effect of geomagnetic field’s changes and to give practical recommendations for their implementation.

Methods. Analyses of literature data and mathematic simulation of geomagnetic field’s parameters for laboratory studies.

Results show that reliable experimental studies on biological effects of geomagnetic field’s changes should be carried out using Helmholtz rings in premises with magnetic screening from external electromagnetic fields. The levels and uniformity of electromagnetic fields inside the rings should be controlled in the experiment with using a small transducer with high sensitivity. The use of the proposed equipment outside of premises with magnetic screening is possible, as well. In this case, the required parameters of the constant magnetic fields are provided compensation of the Earth magnetic field using Helmholtz rings.

Conclusion. The required parameters of hypogeomagnetic field (10 times decrease and more) could be provided in laboratory experiments using Helmholtz rings of the required diameter. The experimental equipment should be placed under the corner 67°40' to the horizontal plane, taking in account a magnetic declination at the latitude of Kyiv.

Key words: geomagnetic field, biological effect, experimental studies, methodical and technical provision


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