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3(27) 2011

Lubyanova І. Р.1, Krasnokutskaya І. М.1, Dmytrukha N. N.1, Legkostup L. A.1, Voitovich І. О.2, Primin M. A.2, Nedayvoda I. V.2, Minova Y. D.2, Sutkovoy P. I.2, Budnik N. M.2


1SI «Institute for Occupational Health of NAMS of Ukraine», Kiev

2V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

Full article (PDF), RUS

The article presents the results of the use of noninvasive method of SQUID biomagnetic saseptometry to determine cumulation of iron in the rat liver tissue. It was found that the magnetic signal over the rat liver after 30 injection of various lead salts and after month of postexposition were significantly higher than in the control group. This may be due to iron metabolism disorder caused by lead intoxication and iron accumulation in the liver. The findings in perspective can be used for developing noninvasive method of quantitative determination of iron in organs and tissues.

Keywords: noninvasive methods of investigation, the accumulation of iron, lead intoxication, diseases of liver


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