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Kuzminov B. P., Lototska-Dudyk U. B.


National Medical University by Danilo Galitsky, Lviv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Introduction. Actuality of work is caused by the need to estimate work conditions in shoe industry, taking into account technologies, equipment, materials in modern conditions of production and to reveal cause-effect relationships between factors of the work environment and the state of health of workers.

Purpose of work. To study main occupational factors in the shoe industry and to define their effect on the health of workers. Materials and methods. Аnalyses of conditions and character of work of employees in the shoe industry, their influence on forming the premorbid and pathological states in workers, based on the results of own studies, scientific publications, statistical data. Results. Work activity of shoe workers is characterized by the availability of a combined action of production factors. The monotony of work, the forced posture are combined with the contamination of the working zone air by chemicals of different degree of toxicity and high levels of noise and vibration at selectede stages of the technological process. Diseases of nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal disorders prevail in the structure of morbidity of shoe workers. Dermatoses, bronchial asthma, gynecological diseases are among occupational diseases. The use of carcinogenic substances in technological processes causes development of nasal cancer, cancer of the urinary bladder and leukemia.

Conclusion. It is necessary to develop normative and methodical base for regulation of work conditions in the shoe industry at the modern stage of production. This will promote to decrease negative effects of production factors on the health of workers, to substantiate actual levels of occupational risk in the shoe industry and to develop measures on strengthening and promoting the workers’ health.

Key words: shoe industry, work conditions, harmful factors, health of workers, work-related pathology


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