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Nahorna A.M., Varyvonchyk D.V.


Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

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The studies showed that the risk of development of bronchi and lungs cancer in patients with pathology of respiratory organs (chronic dust bronchitis, pneumoconiosis) exceeded general population levels by 3—90 times depending on the type and intensity of the effect of harmful work factors. The major harmful occupational factors causing developing the cancer pathol-ogy of respiratory organs (bronchi and lungs) are dusts of silicon dioxide, welding dust containing heavy metals, asbestos, abrasive dust containing silicon dioxide (granite) and metals, aerosols of concentrated acids when exceeding threshold limits by 10—58 times. The manifestation of clinical types of cancer pathology in patients with occupational dust pathology of res-piratory organs is recorded in 2— 11 years after determination of the occupational character of the diseases of the respiratory organs. There were proposed methods for early detection of cancer pathology and medical care of patients with dust pathol¬ogy of respiratory organs of occupational origin.

Key words: occupational pathology of respiratory organs, cancer of bronchi and lungs, risk factors, work condi¬tions, profession


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