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Peculiarities of distribution of primarily disabled participants of anti-terrorist operation for 2016–2018

ISSN 2223-6775 Ukrainian journal of occupational health Vol.15, No 4, 2019

Peculiarities of distribution of primarily disabled participants of anti-terrorist operation for 2016–2018

Irina A. Holovanova, Svetlana S.Kasinets, Oleksandr D. Havlovskyi

Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava

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Introduction. For the past five years, Ukraine has been living in a counter-terrorist operation, which leads to an increase in military personnel, combatants, and disabled. With due in views, new approaches and peculiarities were introduced in conduction of medical and social expertise and collection of statistical information on disability and rehabilitation of such category of citizens.

Aim of the study is to study peculiarities of distribution of initially recognized disabled persons of the antiterrorist operation for the period of 2016-2018 in the Poltava region.

Materials and methods of research. The statistical reports of the Poltava Regional Transport and Radiological Medical and Social Expert Commissions (MSEC) on reviewing the ATO (anti-terroristic operation) participants for 2016-20168 were analyzed as well as the analytical and information reference book "Basic indicators of disability and activity of medical and social expert commissions of Ukraine for 2018".

Results Among the first persons recognized as disabled in ATO participants in the Poltava oblast for the period 2016-2018, the most often were participants of the 3rd group (55,4%, 305 persons) of disability, the 2nd group - 43,6% of cases (240 persons), the 1st group - 5 persons (1%). Within 2016, 183 people were initially recognized as disabled, in 2017 there were 158 people, i.e. by 25 persons less, and in 2018 the figure grew up to 210, reaching its highest level over all years of ATO. In the first place among the causes of disability there were traumas of different localizations, but there was a tendency to gradual decrease in the proportion of injuries every year from 51% in 2016 to 29% in 2018. However, an increase in the somatic pathology in this contingent is observed every year.

Conclusions. Consequently, the availability of individuals with disabilities among ATO participants makes more than a half (55.4%) for in the 3rd group suggests a high rehabilitation potential and a positive rehabilitation prognosis.

Significant changes in the structure of disability among ATO participants are the consequences of participation in military actions and the impact of stress. First of all due to traumatic injuries, gradually resulting in development of psychological and somatic disorders, usually of a long-term character and requiring implementation of different rehabilitation measures.

Key words: ATO participants, combatants, primary disability, rehabilitation, disability structure


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