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Demetska A. V., Kopach K. D., Tkachenko T. Yu.


State Institution "Institute for Occupational Health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", Kyiv

Full article (PDF), RUS

Introduction. The use of new technologies and advanced nanomaterials (nanocomposites, bioactive coatings, etc.) in dental practice can increase potential risks for specialists of dental practice.

Purpose of the research was to assess a "nanospecific" risk in dental practice and develop tools for risk control.

Materials and methods of research. The risk was assessed at workplaces of a dental technician, dentist-therapist and dentistorthopedist. The "nanospecific" risk was calculated using an approach of a "control stripe".

Results. It is found that the work of a dentist-therapist, dentist-orthopedist and dental technician is characterized by high occupational risk due to using modern dental nanomaterials. Measures to managing "nanospecific" risk at workplace were proposed (general and local ventilation, restrictions of access to premises for unauthorized persons, personal protective equipment, etc.).

Conclusions. The obtained results support necessity of further studies on nanomaterial toxicity in current dental practice.

Key words: risk assessment, control banding, composite materials, dental service


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