1(34) 2013

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Varyvonchyk D. V., Salyukov A. О.


SI «Institute for Occupational Health of NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

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It has been determined that morbidity of malignant neoplasm (cancer/melanoma of lip, skin, eye and its appendages) in the population, residing on the territory with ”very high” annual dose of natural ultra-violet radiation (UVR) (AR of Crimea) is 1,4-2,0 times higher in comparison with the population, residing on the territory with «moderate» annual dose of such radia-tion (Volyn oblast). The dose-effect regularities between the exposure dose of the natural UVR, resulting in DNA damage, and the development of malignant neoplasm have been defined. The growth of rates and OR of cancer and melanoma devel-opment in the open parts of skin, lips and eye appendages was found in workers of enterprises of viticulture and wine-making, working all day long in the open air.

Key words: natural ultra-violet radiation, exposure levels, population, workers, cancer pathology


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