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Varyvonchyk D.V.


SI «Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

Full article (PDF), UKR

Work conditions have been assessed and cancer danger has been determined at enterprises of the by-product-cooking industry. The increase of cumulative relative risks of morbidity in malignant neoplasm for workers (in comparison with morbidity rates of the general population) has been recorded: in men — in pancreas (RR = 10,9), in paranasal sinus (RR = 9,77), liver, bones, testis (RR = 4,89), skin (melanoma) (RR = 3,91), gaster (RR = 2,55), lymphatic system (lymphosarcoma) (RR = 1,95), kidneys (RR = 1,63), tongue (RR = 1,22); in women — in bronchi and lungs (RR = 6,39), body of womb (RR = 5,45), pancreas (RR = 1,91). To the group of high occupational risk in development of the mentioned pathologies are referred: workers involved in bunkering (RR = 6,69), gas-welders, workers controlling the coal movement (RR = 4,78), foremen, laboratory assistants (RR = 3,72), workers forming coal blocks (RR = 3,35), service-technicians (RR = 1,38), workers loafing the coal into the coal oven (RR = 1,34). Systemic measures have been proposed for primary and secondary prophylaxis of the given work-related pathology.

Key words: by-product-cooking production, malignant neoplasm, morbidity, risks, prevention


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