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Tsapko V.G.1, Voinalovych O.V.1, Postolyuk M.F.2, Drosdenko E.M.2, Kovalenko V.P.2, Sterenbogen M.Y.3


1National Agrarian University, Kyiv

2Administration for Kyiv region of the Executive Board for social insurance from accidents at work and occupational diseases of Ukraine, Kyiv

3Institute for Occupational Health of AMS of Ukraine, Kyiv

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A profound social and hygienic study of persons suffered as a result of occupational traumatism and occupational diseases at enterprises of Kyiv region within 2001—2005 was conducted. The indices of disability, depending on the group of disability and age, by the records on 2463 persons suffered at work were analyzed. Main regularities and tendencies to the prevalence, causes of disability among the referenced working contingents have been revealed.

Key words: work conditions, occupational traumatism, occupational diseases, disability, rehabilitation


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