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4(41) 2014

Grechkovskaya N. V.


Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Educational, Ukraine, Kiev

Full article (PDF), UKR

Introduction. The existing system of health care of workers at enterprises, where there are harmful and hazardous working conditions, is noneffective. Uncertainty of volumes and types of occupational care of workers with account of current require¬ments to reforming the healthcare system indicates its poor quality and nonefficiency.
The purpose of the study. Scientifically prove and develop an effective structural and functional model of occupational care of workers of large industrial centers in Ukraine in modern conditions, taking into account stages and volumes of health care to employees of selected categories by health care institutions (HCI), regardless types of ownership and subordination. Materials and methods. Sanitary and hygienic work conditions at enterprises of large industrial centers have been studied as well as work conditions associated with harmful and dangerous factors of the work environment. The historical analysis of different models of health care provision to workers in European Union and Ukraine has been made. A normative and legal base of organization and implementation of preventive medical examinations of workers, engaged in harmful and dangerous work conditions, has been analyzed, covering, also, modernization of the general health system at various levels.
Results. A structural-functional model of health care of workers at industrial enterprises has been developed, based on studying the material-technical base of HCI, their personnel provision, depending on different types of ownership and subordination, involved in providing occupational service for those, working in hazardous and dangerous conditions. The materials have been prepared for the normative-legal base of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, for improving the occupational care of the working population. Conclusions. There is now such situation in Ukraine, when a sufficiently effective system of health care of workers in previous years, has been almost destroyed and a new one is not yet established. The number of medical and sanitary units, available at enterprises, being involved in providing medical care to employees, has been reduced and reorganized. The available models of health care of workers at industrial enterprises are rather different. The legal base, regulating the provision of occupa¬tional service to the working population in Ukraine, requires improvement and changing, with due account of socio-econom¬ic relations and requirements to reforms in the health system.

Key words: health care, occupational diseases, harmful and dangerous work conditions, preventive medical examinations


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