Kosyachenko G., Ivanovich K., Yakovlev S., Tishkevich G.


Republican unitary enterprise "Scientific and practical centre of hygiene", Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Full article (PDF), RUS

Background. Volumes of production of building materials as well as the number of organizations, engaged in building activity, are increasing from year to year. The intensive development of this branch, modernization and introduction of new technologies, materials, a variety of machines and tools necessitate developing hygienic requirements to protection of workers' health.

Purpose – аnalysis of the state of work conditions in organizations, engaged in building activity.

Materials and methods. A hygienic analysis of materials of laboratorial and instrumental studies of work environment factors and work processes at workplaces of building organizations in Belarus has been conducted.

Results. It is found that main unfavorable factors at workplaces of building organizations are: high levels of noise and vibration, unfavorable microclimate, air pollution with dust. The works are often being done in the open air and in unheated premises, under ultraviolet irradiation in. The results of studies have been used for preparation of regulatory and hygiene requirements. Conclusions. The developed and new regulations, being introduced into medical practice, defining modern hygiene requirements to parameters of work environment factors, a physical load, organization of a work process, work and rest schedules, is the basis for providing healthy and safe work conditions for employees of building and construction organizations.

Key words: occupational health, building and construction industry, work environmental factors, hygienic requirements


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