Ukrainian journal of occupational health 3-4 2005

Scientific and practical journal for hygienists, physiologists, toxicologists and occupational physicians

Founded in April 2005



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Main medical and demographic characteristics of the population health in able-to-work age in Ukraine UKR, pp. 12-18

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Advantages of bodyplethismography and diffusion capacity in evaluation of lung function condition in patients with pneumoconiosis UKR, pp. 19-23

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Effect of fatigue on cardiovascular system functioning in human-operators of mental work under 2-day rotation of 12-hour shifts, RUS, pp. 24-28

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Hygienic characteristics of workers employed in methyl-trebutyl ether production working conditions and their state of health UKR, pp. 29-34

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Air contamination and risk of affection of rescues in conditions of the accident in ammunition dump UKR, pp. 35-38

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Physiological and hygienic studies of workers providing radiotechnical control of the air traffic, RUS, pp. 39-46

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Hygienic characteristics of work conditions of physicians on occupational health of children and adolescents, RUS, pp. 47-52

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Estimation of changes of the nervous-emotional state and concentration of attention in dentist-internists in the working process UKR, pp. 53-57


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Role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of work-related cancer pathology UKR, pp. 58-65

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