ISSN 2223-6775 Ukrainian journal of occupational health Vol.15, No 4, 2019

Scientific and practical journal for hygienists, physiologists, toxicologists and occupational physicians

Founded in April 2005



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Modern approaches to nanomaterial testing and regulation, pp. 263–270

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The specificity of formation of compensatory functional behavior in combatants of the war zone, pp. 271–280

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The effect of work-related risk factors on health symptoms of hospital physicians, pp. 281–288

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Main risk factors of the technological process and diseases of the upper respiratory tracts in workers of nitrogen containing compounds production , pp. 289–298

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Peculiarities of distribution of primarily disabled participants of anti-terrorist operation for 2016–2018, pp. 307–311

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Ecological and hygienic aspects of application of soybean seed protectants, pp. 312–317

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Space debris as a global industrial and ecological problem. Ways to its solution, pp. 318–324