4(33) 2012

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Kozytska T. V.


Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev

Full article (PDF), UKR

The cytotoxic effect of CdS nanoparticles and cadmium chloride on encephalon embryonic development in newborn mice is presented in the article. The ultrastructural changes of cerebrum in new-born mice, developed under the exposure to CdS nanoparticles and cadmium chloride, were studied. It is found that CdS nanoparticles express a cytotoxic effect on the brain cortex of fetus in different doses and have a more expressed neurotoxic effect as compared with CdCl2. The degree of mani-festation of the cytotoxic effect of CdS nanoparticles depends on their doses and size.

Key words: CdS nanoparticles, cadmium chloride, sodium polyphosphate, neurotoxicity, prenatal period


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