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Thematic directions of the journal

• issues of the state policy and problems of occupational health;

• the theoretical basis of the health care of the working population;

• working conditions and peculiarities of the influence of chemical, physical and biological factors of the working environment on the body of workers;

• mechanisms of damaging effects of harmful factors of the production environment;

• physiology of work;

• occupational selection, bio- and genetic markers of high body sensitivity to the effect of production factors;

• health care and medical surveillance of workers;

· problems of diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases, medical examination of disability and rehabilitation of patients with occupational diseases;

• normative, legal, human resources, information, material and technical, financial support of the system of medical care for workers;

• problems of training medical personnel and organization of postgraduate education of physicians in occupational health and occupational pathology;

• activity of the State Service in Occupational Health;

• organization and efficiency of scientific research in the system of occupational health and implementation of innovations;  

• healthy working life;

• issues of the history of occupational health, bioethics and deontology;

• problems of scientific medical information;

• international experience and international cooperation in occupational health issues.